Running 99% Candidates

What if our politicians truly represented the 99%? What would it look like to have government representatives with a vested interest in making our communities better? We all know the repercussions of a bi-partisan Congress controlled by money and radical interests -- progressive voices and priorities are cut out of the national discussion.It's time for ordinary Americans to turn frustration into action. Rebuild the Dream has partnered with Progressive Majority's "Run for America," New Organizing Institute's Candidate Project, and other allies to recruit local leaders and activists. An impressive 1400 Rebuild the Dream members pledged to run and hundreds of other groups got their members to run as well. In all, over 10,000 ordinary Americans across the country have already pledged to run.Our partners Progressive Majority and NOI's Candidate Project are currently vetting the applicants, and providing the serious ones with resources to develop their campaigns. We're providing Americans with the tools they need to unleash their power.This year, we'll be starting our recruitment early and asking people to begin thinking about running in 2013, 2014, even 2015 and 2016. When going up against entrenched, monied opponents, it's important to start extremely early and build relationships by doing work in your community -- ideally for years, as well as learning the craft of campaigning, doing a careful mapping of the landscape and assessing what is winnable for you.The next phase of our candidate program will be identifying promising candidates and helping them win -- with a mandate. We will be rolling out this plan with member input over the coming months. Stay tuned!  

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