Dream Team Makes House Call

Representative Charles Bass, get ready for company. The American Dream Movement is dropping by your office this Friday – and we’re bringing friends.The momentum supporting fairer taxes is growing. Over two-thirds of Americans support tax increases for the wealthy and over half a million people have already signed the petition demanding that millionaires and billionaires like Rep. Bass pay their fair share.Rep. Bass is one of the 136 Republican millionaires who oppose the Buffet Rule. Currently, people who make more than $1,000,000 per year pay a tax rate of about 15%, while people scraping by on $8,000 a year pay about 25% in income tax.That’s why tomorrow at noon; supporters of the American Dream Movement are dropping by the Nashua offices of Rep. Charles Bass to ask: "Will you pledge to support the Buffett Rule so that millionaires—like you—pay the same tax rate as the middle class?"The Congressional drop-bys are part of a nationwide effort to let politicians hear directly from their constituents.To participate in a Congressional drop-by in your area, click here.

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