'Don't Double My Rate' Is In Your Local Paper

Last week, Patrick, a Rebuild the Dream member from St. Louis, got his letter to the editor published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.Using Rebuild the Dream's Letter to the Editor tool, Patrick was able to write his letter and send it straight to the editor of his local paper. “Without the help of Rebuild the Dream, I would not have been able to help spread the word about the current student loan interest rate increase. I hope more people use their resources to get the message out,” said Patrick.We're glad to see these letters springing up across the country and want you to join in on the fun.Read Patrick's letter and write one of your own using Rebuild the Dream's letter to the editor tool.
A big dealOn July 1, the interest rate on government-subsidized Stafford loans will double. College students can't take on more debt, yet Congress hasn't made any substantial moves to prevent the rate from doubling.When banks can borrow money at near-zero percent interest, it is absurd for the interest rates to double for student loans.Student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion. Congress should be told that students can't afford for the interest rate to double. This is a big deal.Patrick from St. Louis
Did you read another Don't Double My Rate letter in your local paper? Or did your letter get published? Share in the comments!

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