Don't Destroy the American Dream!

To all allies of the American Dream Movement, we need you to stand side by side with us on Tuesday.We're all perched right on the edge of the precipice right now, folks. If Congress does not authorize raising the debt ceiling in the next week and a half - something they managed to do without controversy 19 times during George Bush's two terms in office - Social Security checks could stop rolling out to seniors, millions of workers could be furloughed, interest payments on government bonds could halt, crashing markets worldwide. Loans for college, business startups, and homes would be very hard to get. And the government would have to pay a higher interest rate on all debt, squeezing the budget even further.All of these add up to one thing - our fragile economy plunging back into an even deeper recession.To conservative leaders in the House of Representatives, this nightmarish turn of events is perfectly acceptable as long as they can keep the top 2% of the wealthiest from "tax increases", even if that only means letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest expire. Their own plan, which includes hacking away at Medicare and Social Security while lowering taxes for the wealthy even further, doesn't even come close to balancing the budget!That's why we're calling on all Americans to stand up for the American Dream at your local House district office this Tuesday at noon. The only way that Congress will listen is if we stand up and demand to be counted. Your congressperson needs to hear directly from you and your fellow constituents that any and all cuts to major programs as part of this conservative-manufactured default crisis are completely unacceptable.It doesn't matter if your own representative already stated their opposition to cuts for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as part of a deal to avoid default. If they've stood up to defend the great programs that launched the largest expansion of the middle class the world has ever seen, that's great! You still need to rally at their office. They need to be thanked for doing the right thing.And if they haven't voiced support one way or another, we need them to know that they have to do the right thing and hold the line against cuts.We'll be standing up for the American Dream on Tuesday at noon. Will you be standing there with us?

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