Delivering 100,000 Signatures

Today, I, along with my teammate Jess Morales and three Rebuild the Dream members, delivered over 100,000 signatures to Speaker Boehner’s office on Capitol Hill, asking Speaker Boehner and Congress to denounce Rep. Virginia Foxx’s out of touch remarks on student loan debt.We met outside of Longworth House Office Building at 9 am, camera, signs, and a huge stack on paper in tow. After a brief pep talk and game plan, we headed in to the building and through security to find Speaker Boehner's office. Interestingly, when we got there... the door was locked. We were met with a very curt response from a staffer, who blocked us from entering the Speaker's office and denied our requests to speak to any other staff! Jess and I shared our own stories about student debt and delivered the 100,000 petition signatures (printed double-sided, 70 names per sheet of paper, and still reams and reams of paper!) before we were ushered out of the building by police officers.[View the story "Delivering 100,000 Signatures" on Storify]Curtness and locked doors aside, Jess and I considered it a pretty successful delivery. We have video footage, photos, and got our message across: student debt is a serious issue and Congress needs to pay attention and bring solutions, not insensitive insults.

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