Call to Action: November 17th

On November 17th, people are coming together all over the country for a huge day of action. We will demand an end to measures that benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%.Find an event near you. organize your own event! Boston Demonstrators Rally at Park St.10/15/2011More and more of us are demanding accountability from Wall Street, but lawmakers in Washington DC are slow to respond. Over the past month, Congress has failed to pass a jobs bill or any other plan that could turn our failed economy around for the other 99% of us. (The Wall Street tax just introduced is a good start -- we need to pass that and much more.)It's clear that Wall Street doesn't understand--or doesn't care--that we face an economic emergency. And far too many in Washington are listening only to the 1%. Our homes are being taken by greedy banks that we bailed out. Job prospects for the unemployed, students, and veterans are practically non-existent. And at all levels, politicians are looking to make even deeper cuts to our schools and vital health and human services.That's why we will all take to the streets for "We Are The 99%" day—a mass action on November 17 to declare an "economic emergency" in every corner of the country, in all 50 states. We'll gather in front of bridges that need work, understaffed schools, and other community sites that highlight our failed economy. Wherever you are, this is the day to declare an economic emergency in your community.Somos El 99%The past months have been awe-inspiring. All over, Americans are fighting back against a system rigged for the 1%. But many of our elected officials continue to sit on the sidelines--or worse, do the bidding of the 1%. Until we start to see our economy transformed, we'll keep taking to the streets to amplify our voices.Join us.Find an event near you. At the time of writing this post, there were 196 events planned across the country, and counting. organize your own event! a place in your community that exemplifies how our failed economy has manifested on your block, neighborhood, or city --a crumbling bridge, a school facing cutbacks, a foreclosed home. Mobilize those who are impacted daily by the greed and corruption of the 1%.Let's join the rest of the nation to make November 17th a historic moment of power and solidarity.

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