Bayview Families Refusing to Leave Despite Foreclosures

Today in San Francisco, a broad coalition of neighbors are fighting to take back their neighborhood. The action is being led by Refund California, a coalition of labor and community organizations. Are you in the Bay Area? Help Bayview residents occupy one family's foreclosed home:Bayview Park

SAN FRANCISCO– As San Francisco foreclosures steadily increase in the Southeast Sector, Bayview families at risk of losing their homes due to foreclosure are announcing they are refusing to leave.   On Tuesday, one family will announce that they have re-entered and re-claimed the home that they were wrongfully evicted from.  The family built the home, and had lived in it, since 1962.  The community is supporting this family and others, as they take action to keep families in their homes despite growing number of foreclosures and blighted property in their neighborhood increases.

WHAT: Home Re-Occupation

WHEN: Tuesday, November 1st

WHERE: 1479 Quesada Ave., San Francisco 94124, Home of Foreclosure Fighter

WHO: Family who will re-claim home after foreclosure and eviction; families on Quesada Ave and surrounding streets who, are facing foreclosure; and supporters

The woman who is reclaiming her home on Tuesday states:  “My family has been in this neighborhood for 50 years, and since I’ve been evicted, the place has been vacant, like so many homes in the Bayview.  Families have been ripped off by banks, scammed by brokers and nothing’s done to them. It’s time for the families and the community to stand up and take back what’s theirs.”

She is one of many families that have lost their homes in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, and the first of many who plan to resist foreclosure eviction or move back in to their foreclosed homes.   Between 2008 and 2012, it is estimated that a total of 1,500 homes will have been taken by foreclosure, a substantial portion of the 6,000 homes in this area.

“We are losing families every day,” says Vivian Richardson, Bayview resident who, alongside her aging mother, received a predatory loan. “The banks got bailed out, and we are being pushed out. But we’re going to fight, even if we have to do it one home at a time.”

Despite efforts to push for solutions through the AG Settlement and State Legislation, Wall Street Bank opposition increases and foreclosures are getting worse.  Dual tracking, when banks put a homeowner in trial modification or forbearance agreement AND a foreclosure process at the same time, has expedited foreclosures as well as provided false hope to homeowners seeking assistance from their lender.

California residents who want to know their rights and options in the fight to save their home can call the Home Defenders League, 877-633-9251 or visit

California residents who want to find out how to get the Banks to help fix the economy can visit

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