ART STRIKE: America is Not Broke - America Is Being Robbed

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The so-called fiscal cliff is actually a fiscal bluff -- a made-up crisis that makes us think our government is out of money and out of time. The truth is, America's not broke. America is being robbed.


America is Not Broke - America is Being Robbed  

Send your art to [email protected]

It's time to call the bluff. To do that, we need art, design, music, poetry, video -- the things that inspire us to dream bigger. Songs that remind us why we fight. Images worth sharing. Funny videos that convince our friends that more cuts and tax breaks aren’t the answer. We want to light up people's hearts and minds, and ultimately change the course of the tired debate in Congress.

ART STRIKE is a culture day of action. On December 19th, artists will come together to create awesome new art and music -- we'll join them by spreading it wide! Help us share their art with the millions who are making up their minds about the big budget fights. National organizations will pitch in to spread creative work. Hundreds of thousands of people will share the best new material with their friends online. Thousands more will post cool images and signs in their windows or show up at street art events. Here’s how you can help:

1) Create something. Artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, designers are coming together with CultureStrike and 5D Storytelling to show the choices we face:

  • Cut education, or invest in kids?
  • Cut taxes for the super-wealthy, or protect social security and health coverage for our elders?
  • Give away loopholes for big oil and big coal, or invest in clean air and clean energy jobs?

Submit your content to [email protected] for inclusion. (Planning a street art event on Dec 19? Let us know!)

Find out how to submit your art!

2) Spread the word to your networks. Whether you’re an organization with a big list of supporters or one person with a few creatives, we need your help. Promote in advance and encourage people to join in.

Check out the art and share!

3) Join ART STRIKE on December 19. Publish your own art or videos (anything that stirs the soul!), share something cool created for ART STRIKE, or visit and share stuff with your friends. Tweet, share, forward, or get out in the street in your community -- collectively, we can put heart-changing content in front of millions, and change the conversation.

Commit to share on Monday, December 19th

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