Announcing the Contract for the American Dream

Back in early July, with no idea what sort of response we might get, we asked for your ideas to draft a Contract for the American Dream, a people-powered response to the rightwing austerity agenda. A month later, after 130,000 of you gave your feedback online and in 1,600 house meetings across the country, the end result is here:[caption id="attachment_677" align="aligncenter" width="475" caption="The ten planks for the Contract for the American Dream"][/caption]We invite everyone to sign the Contract for the American Dream and share it with friends. The website allows you to dive easily share the Contract as a whole via e-mail and social networks, or to just share a single plank. Additionally, you can discuss each individual plank with other visitors to the website just by clicking on it.We used a straightforward people-powered process to assemble the Contract. Thousands submitted ideas on our Contract website, about 25,000 ideas altogether. Those ideas were rated by visitors to the website, totalling about 6.1 million ratings. The top 40 ideas were presented and discussed at house meetings around the country, including at least one in every single congressional district, and we used the feedback from those discussions to put together the final ten ideas that constitute a jobs-creating agenda for this country.The overwhelming response from about 1,600 meetings caused us a little bit of delay in releasing the final Contract, but it certainly did not come a moment too soon. Because Congress bent to the demands of a tiny minority of Tea Party extremists, the federal government staved off the debt crisis by putting essential programs like Medicare in harm's way instead of looking to raise revenue by making the rich pay their fair share. No new ideas were brought to the forefront of the discourse, except for radical new ways to cut programs using euphemisms like "chained CPI."So now the time has come for action. We hope that you'll show your support by signing the Contract and sharing it with your friends and family, but it's going to take more than just engaging on a website to change the direction of this country.We're taking the Contract directly to each member of Congress when they return to their district. Please click here for more information about what you can do to make sure that Congress once again turns to a jobs agenda.

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