Announcing the Call for the Dream call tool

This past week and a half, folks have been calling Congress to make sure that Washington gets the message that they should absolutely not cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid now or in the future, that the rich need to pay their fair share, and that the government should not default on its obligations. It's incredibly important that we all do this, because negotiations to end the default crisis are ongoing, and thus far those who can pay for well-connected lobbyists have had a much bigger voice than the common man. The constant phone calls of average citizens are one of the best ways to turn the tide.To this point, a lot of us have been using the Capitol switchboard number to get in touch with your representative. But now there's an easier way.Today, we're launching, an interactive tool that allows you to make a free call to your Senators and your representative without leaving the computer. The website utilizes your computer's internal microphone to let you speak on the phone with the offices of your representatives in Congress. No need to waste your cell phone minutes or long distance dollars while doing your patriotic duty!Here's how it works. First, you put in your address:

Then you click on the senator you want to call:

Then you tell your senator that they need to stop the government from defaulting. If there's some sort of deal that's necessary, it can come from the pockets of wealthy corporations that do not pay their fair share and from ending unnecessary wars that draining trillions from the Treasury.Then you can hang up and call the next one on the list:

Easy peasy. No more looking up phone numbers or asking the Capitol operators who your representative is. No more cradling the phone on your shoulder while you're on hold. Now you can finish up some work, play Solitaire, or check Facebook while you wait.Now that it's this easy, get on the phone computer and call Congress now!

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