Announcing the American Dream Fellowship

Do you know any aspiring progressive rock stars? Do you know anyone who always starts new projects, organizes their friends to make something new and wonderful happen, or finds a way to shift the conversation around them into something productive? Do you see yourself this way?If you said yes to any of these questions, you'll want to take a look at a new Fellowship we're launching. Here's the description:AMERICAN DREAM FELLOWSHIP DESCRIPTIONFull time, paidLocation: anywhereIf you're an ambitious go-getter who wants to win big political fights and gets excited about 21st Century organizing, you should apply for this Fellowship. Right now.The American Dream Fellowship is a six-month, full-time, paid Fellowship run by a partnership between the New Organizing Institute, Rebuild the Dream,, and other allies. You'll learn a whole new range of organizing skills, from online campaigning to field actions to political strategy. Then you'll put those skills to work as a staff member at MoveOn, Rebuild or another partner organization, fighting the good fight at the highest levels of American politics.We're looking for driven progressives from diverse backgrounds who can make fun, exciting things happen. We want social entrepreneurs -- people who make, lead, do. People who start things, like a college newspaper, or an immigrant rights walkout, or a social media community. Political or online organizing experience is nice, but not at all required.In addition to deep skills trainings, we'll give you real responsibility for important projects, as a full-time member of a team like this:- MoveOn Media, a project to win the war of ideas and beating Fox News by spreading progressive content- Rebuild the Dream, Van Jones's new meta-network that's going to beat the Tea Party at its own game- MoveOn State & Local, which wins critical fights with our new tool, MoveOn Labs, our innovations laboratory- Other teams as appropriateThis will be a "virtual office" Fellowship, so you can do it from any location. Pay is very competitive. At the end of six months, if we mutually agree that you are a good fit, one of the participating organizations may offer you an ongoing position. Or we will help you find your dream job in an allied group. Either way, you will have built up your skills, and we will have built up the progressive movement -- a win-win.To apply, send your resume to [email protected]. Include a cover letter that answers these questions:1. What's a big, cool thing you've started or led? Why are you proud of it? If you've got a couple examples, great.2. Got any ideas of things you'd like to start?3. What the best thing you've ever written? Attach it, or send us a link.4. Describe your personal politics.5. Boil down why you'd be a great Fellow into one sentence.6. How techy are you? What's the most advanced thing you can do on a computer?Applications are due by August 21.

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