American Dream Movement rally rocks Santa Fe

Activists ask Governor Martinez, \
From Democracy for New Mexico


A crowd swelled outside Governor Susana Martinez's office in Santa Fe, New Mexico last Saturday in part of a series of demonstrations put on by Santa Fe's MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream activists. Elizabeth Cook-Romero, from MoveOn Santa Fe, reports that all kinds of people came together to make the American Dream Movement event a success, with speeches from local labor leaders, civil rights activists, and state legislators.Frustration has grown with Governor Martinez's failure to implement some kind of jobs plan. Martinez ran on a platform of spending cuts and lowering taxes to create jobs. She is also well-known for her harsh stance towards undocumented immigrants.Teachers, health care workers, and artists swarmed the space with demands for job creation, chanting "This is what democracy looks like!" A state Senator who heard the rally from the Senate Floor came out to tell the crowd to yell louder so Governor Martinez would hear from her office.Senator Eric Griego (D-Bernalillo & Valencia) worked up the audience with a shout out to labor movements of the past who laid down the conditions for a thriving middle class.  "The middle class was built brick by brick by people like you in the labor movement who said we need a fair wage, we need weekends to spend with our family, we need a 40 hour work week," Griego said. "We built that middle class, and we did it over the objection of some of the most powerful folks."As Cook-Romero observed, the crowd was taken with feelings of solidarity and optimism - "The smiles expressed hope and defiance, but most of all they expressed self-respect."

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