American Dream disappearing for young people

Pew Research Center has released a study revealing that the wealth gap between older and younger generation Americans is at its widest point in history. How did we get here? Be sure to attend a Rebuild the Dream teach-in near you to learn how the 1% brought us to this point in the last four decades. Here's a summary of some of the report findings from Huffington Post:Save the American Dream

WASHINGTON — The wealth gap between younger and older Americans has stretched to the widest on record, worsened by a prolonged economic downturn that has wiped out job opportunities for young adults and saddled them with housing and college debt.

The typical U.S. household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net worth 47 times greater than a household headed by someone under 35, according to an analysis of census data released Monday.

While people typically accumulate assets as they age, this gap is now more than double what it was in 2005 and nearly five times the 10-to-1 disparity a quarter-century ago, after adjusting for inflation.

The analysis by the Pew Research Center reflects the impact of the economic downturn, which has hit young adults particularly hard. More are pursuing college or advanced degrees, taking on debt as they wait for the job market to recover. Others are struggling to pay mortgage costs on homes now worth less than when they were bought in the housing boom.

...The median net worth of households headed by someone 65 or older was $170,494. That is 42 percent more than in 1984, when the Census Bureau first began measuring such data broken down by age. The median net worth for the younger-age households was $3,662, down by 68 percent from a quarter-century ago, according to the Pew analysis.

...The 47-to-1 gap in net worth between old and young is believed by demographers to be the highest ever, even predating government records.

To read more information about the study, click here for the full article

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