AFP sends out fake election reminders to Democrats

Wisconsin has upcoming recall elections in several state senate districts, elections that could tip the balance in the Wisconsin Senate back against Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) and his antiworker austerity agenda. If Democrats pick up a net three wins in the next two weeks, Walker's allies will lose control of the Senate.On the heels of Gov. Walker's attempts by to suppress his opponents' votes by closing voter registration locations in Democratic districts and coming up with bizarre rules to block voters from obtaining voter IDs (captured on video), it appears that Walker ally Americans for Prosperity has been caught redhanded trying to mislead Democratic voters to cast their ballot on the wrong date.

Via Politico, Americans for Prosperity, a rightwing advocacy group funded by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers, sent strong Democratic voters instructions on filling out an absentee ballot, instructions that included a deadline two days past the actual postmark deadline for sending in the ballots.The Americans for Prosperity response has been to say that this was an embarrassing typo and not an intentional error. But the fliers that AFP sent to card-carrying Democrats also gave instructions to send absentee ballots to the wrong address. The address is allegedly for a "Ballot Processing Center", but in fact matches up with another rightwing organization, the Wisconsin Family Action PAC.AFP also has a history of faking official government notices. Last year, they placed fake eviction notices in poor areas of Detroit to scare locals into blocking a local bridge project.For more on the story, Dane101 has excellent coverage.

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