The campaign to save Arturo de los Santos's home

Arturo de los Santos is a former Marine in Riverside, CA who is facing a needless and senseless eviction by JPMorgan Chase and the mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Earlier this month, Rebuild the Dream launched a national petition calling on JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac to work out a fair deal with Art so that he and his family can stay in their home. ACCE (the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment) has been on the ground heroically supporting Arturo's family for months in this campaign.Sign the petition to help Art get a fair deal!Art has lived in his house with his wife and four children for more than ten years, and he has worked as a factory supervisor for more than 20 years. It doesn't make sense -- Art has a good job and the money to pay the mortgage, but now, after giving him the runaround in a cruel way, the bank won't accept his money. For months, Art has waged a public campaign to convince Freddie Mac and JP Morgan Chase to reverse the foreclosure and issue him a loan modification, and to stop ignoring the countless homeowners in his situation:
  • Art, a long-time factory supervisor who spent five years in the Marine Corps, purchased his home almost ten years ago and lives there with his wife and four kids
  • In 2009, Art asked JPMorgan Chase for a loan modification, anticipating a drop in hours at work – and was told to miss payments in order to qualify
  • After missing some payments, JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac granted Art a temporary modification and Art complied with all the terms of the modification
  • JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac rejected Art for a permanent modification because his income had recovered – but, instead of allowing him to catch up, they quickly foreclosed on the home
  • The two companies have consistently refused to reconsider their decision, instead releasing statement after statement that mischaracterize the sequence of events and blame Art for their own mistakes
  • Instead of working with Art, who clearly has the ability to pay, Freddie Mac and JPMorgan Chase are spending huge amounts of time and money trying to have him held in contempt and arrested, and to compel the sheriff to evict Art, his wife and four children.
De los Santos vows to keep fighting on behalf of his family and thousands of homeowners being ignored or improperly foreclosed on by JPMorgan Chase and/or Freddie Mac.Check out just some of the news coverage about Art's situation:

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