ART STRIKE: America is Not Broke - America Is Being Robbed

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The so-called fiscal cliff is actually a fiscal bluff -- a made-up crisis that makes us think our government is out of money and out of time. The truth is, America's not broke. America is being robbed.


America is Not Broke - America is Being Robbed  

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It's time to call the bluff. To do that, we need art, design, music, poetry, video -- the things that inspire us to dream bigger. Songs that remind us why we fight. Images worth sharing. Funny videos that convince our friends that more cuts and tax breaks aren’t the answer. We want to light up people's hearts and minds, and ultimately change the course of the tired debate in Congress.

ART STRIKE is a culture day of action. On December 19th, artists will come together to create awesome new art and music -- we'll join them by spreading it wide! Help us share their art with the millions who are making up their minds about the big budget fights. National organizations will pitch in to spread creative work. Hundreds of thousands of people will share the best new material with their friends online. Thousands more will post cool images and signs in their windows or show up at street art events. Here’s how you can help:

1) Create something. Artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, designers are coming together with CultureStrike and 5D Storytelling to show the choices we face:

  • Cut education, or invest in kids?
  • Cut taxes for the super-wealthy, or protect social security and health coverage for our elders?
  • Give away loopholes for big oil and big coal, or invest in clean air and clean energy jobs?

Submit your content to [email protected] for inclusion. (Planning a street art event on Dec 19? Let us know!)

Find out how to submit your art!

2) Spread the word to your networks. Whether you’re an organization with a big list of supporters or one person with a few creatives, we need your help. Promote in advance and encourage people to join in.

Check out the art and share!

3) Join ART STRIKE on December 19. Publish your own art or videos (anything that stirs the soul!), share something cool created for ART STRIKE, or visit and share stuff with your friends. Tweet, share, forward, or get out in the street in your community -- collectively, we can put heart-changing content in front of millions, and change the conversation.

Commit to share on Monday, December 19th

To end the fiscal showdown, tax carbon

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At his official post-election press conference, President Obama told reporters that he's serious about fighting climate change while creating jobs. "We can shape an agenda that says we can create jobs, advance growth and make a serious dent in climate change and be an international leader," he said, "I think that's something that the American people would support."

We have just the answer. It's not a new idea, but as the two parties face off over the federal budget, it could be the path forward.

There's a tool we can use to answer the public's call for more jobs -- without cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security: a carbon tax.

Read more at >>

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Good News, Bad News and the Fiscal Showdown

You've probably read the headlines about a fiscal cliff.

Here's the good news: America will not FLY off into financial catastrophe on January 1st. The bad news is members of Congress may use the threat and hype of the fiscal cliff to CUT Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, help for the needy, and more. Catch Van explain the fiscal showdown and why the word “cliff” wants to make him bang his head on the table.

The economy is recovering, but we can’t turn back now. Over 350 economists have signed on to a letter telling Congress to prioritize job growth over a manufactured austerity crisis. We should avoid a bad deal that sells out our earned benefits and kills jobs to avoid a "cliff" that isn't real.

It's not over

Wait! The fight isn't over!

Tuesday night was HUGE. Everyday people triumphed over big money. Years of hard work paid off. And best of all, progressives won a contest of ideas: "Together we are stronger" beat "you're on your own" at the polls.

Let's take a moment to give ourselves a pat on the back... and then get. right. back. to. work!

And let's dream big. If we put this same energy into the next four years, we can create jobs for young people, rebuild roads and bridges, spark the clean-energy economy of the future, get our tax code making sense again, and grow communities from the bottom up.

We can do this. We don't have to trim our vision. But we do have to fight. We can't repeat the mistakes of 2008 and 2009. Now that we've gotten folks elected, we need to make sure they do the job.

The first test starts now. Romney and Ryan ran on cutting Medicare, Social Security, and homefront investments to pay for massive tax cuts for the rich. Their ideas were rejectedBut in Washington, bad ideas never die. They come back in the name of "compromise," and it's about to happen:

  • At the end of the December, the Bush tax cuts expire. New budget goals that call for much lower spending also go into effect. There will be a big fight over this. That fight starts now.
  • Washington calls this the "fiscal cliff." Don't buy it! They're trying to scare us into a "grand bargain" that cuts the pillars of the middle class but helps big banks. This isn't a cliff, it's a showdown between two ideas for America's future.
  • If we don't keep fighting, any "grand bargain" will look more like a "grand swindle" that cuts Medicare, Social Security, education, and pretty much everything that helps guarantee the American Dream!

Let's not fall for what I call "ham and egg" justice. When it's time for breakfast, the farmer calls for "shared sacrifice." But if the hen gives up an egg, and the pig gives up a leg, that's not balanced. Instead of cutting help for sick kids, why don't we tax Wall Street speculation? Why not institute a carbon tax that would also save our planet, or end subsidies for big oil and handouts to Halliburton, or close loopholes for tax-dodging corporations... and then put that money to work rebuilding America?

The President won a hard-fought victory promising to make the wealthiest pay their fair share. Vice President Biden said he could "guarantee" no changes in Social Security. But we've learned they can't create change on their own.

The most important thing is that we don't rest now. So today, I'm asking you to click here to commit to keep fighting.

America is not broke. America is being robbed. Winning an election is just the first step to stopping it.

Now it's up to us,


P.S. -- Our movement can't win unless we speak to hearts as well as minds. So we also need your voice: your songs, your poetry, your design, your creative ways to explain where the money really goes, why a strong safety net matters, how investing in education opens doors, who it will be who pays the price for unfair cuts. If you have a creative idea, comment on this post right now and let us know.

Election Day in America with Van Jones

Yesterday, the diverse coalition that came together in 2008 re-elected Barack Obama to a second term in office. On election day, Van Jones joined CNN to report on news and results from the battleground states across America.

Van Jones celebrated Democratic Party's victory on CNN by congratulating the organizers across the country, and reminded us that the fight is not over yet. The fiscal showdown is just around the corner.

Missed the Debates? Van Jones gives the run-down on CNN

Throughout the presidential debates, Van Jones was on CNN giving the progressive point of view. Watch and find out why the Republicans would have given up at the first failed rocket of the space race and why conservative ideas put jobs in Iowa at risk.

Van Jones On The Second Presidential Debate: Who Is A Strong Leader And Who Is On Your Side?

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off again last night in the second presidential debate. Watch Van Jones evaluate each candidate’s overall performance, and their responses to questions on gender equality and green jobs and read Van's opinion pieces on CNN before and after the debate.

Paul Ryan is the ultimate anti-women running mate for Romney.

Van’s advice for Obama: defend your green job record.

Obama has added 125,000 green jobs in Ohio, which Romney would be sure to cut.

What are women’s rights to Romney? They are binders full of women, who get home on time to cook dinner.


Van Jones Calling Out Malarkey When He Sees It

Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan came together for the Vice Presidential Debate. And while Biden called 'Malarkey' on Ryan’s austerity policies and half-truths, our own Van Jones continued calling out Malarkey after the debate on live television.

Watch Thursday’s highlight reel of the debate and tell us what your take on the debate in the comments.

Van Jones on the First Presidential Debate

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney held the first presidential debate of the general election last night, and our own co-founder, Van Jones, was there to provide analysis on CNN.

Van broke down Mitt Romney's performance, explaining debates are easier when you say anything to get elected.

Van Jones gave advice before the debate on the value of authenticity and where Barack Obama came from before the debate.

And Van brought the spotlight on issues like foreclosure and student debt where neither candidate is doing enough.

"Welcome 2 Chicago" and Rebuild the Dream: Day 2 Recap

The Rebuild the Dream Village returned for a second day of community, creativity, and collaboration on Tuesday.Over 20,000 people attended and visited Chicago organizations in sustainable economy, planet, community, and economy. Hundreds entered in a contest for a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets.

Our winner, Amina, participated in six different actions from Chicago organizations in the United Center to qualify for the raffle before Prince took the stage.

Doors open at 5:00 pm for the final day of the Rebuild the Dream - Welcome 2 Chicago collaboration. Check out the photos from Tuesday's activities, get your Dream Card, and get involved.