The issues shaping the 2020 election

Check out some of our early analysis of the issues that are shaping the election. 

Election Night 2016

The results are in!

Van provided the voice we needed to hear. Check out all of his election night wisdom (and a few of the nights leading up) on our playlist below:

No I732

Final Debate

We have all of Van's truth telling here -- great analysis AND an LL Cool J quote.

If you watched the debate and wanted to yell at the screen, you don't have to. Van does it for you:

And some of his clips got a whole lot of attention. Check out what Entertainment Weekly had to say:



Our Man Van

It was quite a week for our fearless leader, Van Jones. He took courageous stances on the national stage and stood up for progressive causes we care about. Here are a few of the hits:

Van Takes on Rape Culture:

Van speaks out against police brutality:

Hillary notices Van's support:

And he kicked off the week with a Facebook Live video -- now at 10 million views and counting!

We are proud to have a leader like Van -- not just for our organization, but for our nation.

Keep doing what you are doing.

All of us at Rebuild The Dream are behind you.

Van launched Rebuild The Dream to provide a home for changemakers. We are focused on fighting for an economy that works for everyone — an America that delivers on its promise of opportunity for all.

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Second Presidential Debate

Our very own Van Jones will be covering the debate all day. He kicked it off last night with a Facebook Live post that is a must watch. Check it out here:

And we are just getting started. This morning on CNN's Sunday morning show, State of the Union, Van Jones calls out Trump for what he is -- a super predator. 

And keep visiting the site to see more of Van's commentary on CNN throughout the day:

First Presidential Debate

Rebuild The Dream's Founder and President, Van Jones, was on air covering the debate live for CNN. 

If you can't watch live, below is the playlist of his appearances (I will be updating it as more come in).

First Presidential Debate Playlist:

And if you want to see Van's candid take the night before the debate -- check him out on Facebook Live.

Spoiler alert: He calls Hillary Clinton the Michael Jordan of policy.

And just for fun, my favorite screen grab of the night:



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Can't get enough punditry? Check out Van bringing it to CNN:

Get Van's take on the latest issues around race & racial justice:

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The DNC - 2016

Rebuild The Dream + The Dream Corps are at the DNC all week. 

#cut50 has teamed up with Rock The Vote to host a large-scale pop-up art exhibition, discussion forum and live performances designed to elevate and illuminate the most pressing issues facing young people in the United States today.

Check out the amazing line-up here:

And to catch Van's CNN commentary, you can watch our playlist below (updated daily)

RNC 2016

Can't get enough of the RNC drama?

Check out our elections playlist for the latest clips from Van Jones -- live all week in Cleveland (and wish him luck)!!