Anger boils up at Congress over debt deal

Even though the House voted on Monday to approve the debt deal which included trillions in cuts and an unaccountable Super Congress to ram through further cuts, it's worth noting that because so many were angry about both the hostage taking process and the cuts-only outcome, thousands still turned out on Tuesday to visit congressional offices to show their opposition. The fact that our government was even discussing cutting Medicare and Social Security without considering slightly raising taxes on the wealthy pushed plenty of people out of the home and onto the streets, even when the deal was practically assured passage. For example, in New Jersey. protestors voiced their anger at Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ), not because he voted no, but because he voted against the debt deal only because it did not cut the government enough. And in Columbus, Ohio, visitors to Republican Senator Rob Portman's office expressed their anger that the only actions from their representatives seemed to be cut, cut, cut, when there are no jobs. One man pointed out that Gov. Kasich canceled a high speed rail project that would have brought thousands of jobs to a corridor across the state, jobs that could not be outsourced. Another talked about how conservative policies over the last few decades have brought about the greatest inequality in this country since the 1920s. And a grandmother despaired about how it's all going to end. You can watch the video of the "Satan Sandwich protest" visit:

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