An Idea Worth Spreading: Income Inequality is a Serious Problem

Is income inequality an idea worth spreading? // Image Credit Mother Jones
  I'm a big fan of TED. When it comes to promoting ideas worth spreading, there aren't too many bigger players than the annual conference of visionaries and thinkers and all its related offshoots. That's why I was surprised when controversy broke about an income inequality talk by "super-rich" venture capitalist Nick Hanauer considered "Too Hot for TED." In the Watch the video that sparked the discussion about TED and income inequality. Although TED has posted the video online, we still need to have an important discussion on income inequality in this country. TED curator Chris Anderson seems to agree on that point, stating, "Pretty much everyone at TED, including me, worries a great deal about the issue of rising inequality." As a leader in promoting ideas that can change the world, TED should be promoting discussion on income inequality. Today, Rebuild the Dream President Van Jones proposed the creation of a TED summit on income inequality as a way to shed more light on this issue. Powerful movements such as Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement sprung up in reaction to extreme income inequality. There is an incredible amount of discussion yet to be had on the topic of income inequality, and TED is uniquely qualified to bring together economists, social activists and other brilliant thinkers to promote those ideas. We at Rebuild the Dream encourage TED to expand the discussion on this topic -- income inequality matters and it's an idea we should be talking about. Watch the video that sparked the discussion about TED and income inequality.

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