American Dream TV

Teach in to take back the American Dream

Part One

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Health Care & Civil Rights

Van's speech at the Families USA conference, January 2012

What Would MLK Do?

From NYC to DC: Occupy the Highway

Part One: Meet the Participants

Part Two: Getting Closer!

Part Three: The Final Stretch

November 17

Which Side Are You On?

Move Your Money

Movement Voices

Robert Reich: 5 x 5

Katrina vanden Heuvel

NYC City Council Progressive Caucus

Occupy Wall Street Solidarity March

Highlights from Take Back the American Dream Conference, Oct 3-5, 2011

Van Jones Keynote

Van Jones: "We Are Walking Different"

Movement leaders take the stage

Nelini Stamp talks up Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street at Take Back the American Dream

Robert Reich: "No More Bullying"

Day One Recap

Interview with Drew Westen

Barney Frank on Deficit Reduction

Interview with Adam Green

Day Two Recap

What's Next? "We Have a Plan"

Jobs Not Cuts Rally Highlights

American Dream Movement comes to DC!

Contract for the American Dream

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