Rebuild the Dream in the Media

Here are a few highlights of media coverage of Rebuild the Dream in print, on radio, and on video. If you're a member of the media interested in an interview or finding out more about Rebuild the Dream, please contact us at [email protected].



  • In "The Return of Van Jones," Politico profiled Van's work with Rebuild the Dream, and our next steps for building a cohesive progressive movement.


  • NPR reported on Take Back the American Dream conference as a strong energetic push from activists to make Obama take a more progressive stand.
  • The Washington Post reported on the widespread movement to revive the economy and save Medicare and Social Security.
  • MSNBC reported on the intersecting interests and motives of Occupy Wall Street and the American Dream Movement.
  • The Hill covered AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka's speech at the Take Back the American Dream conference urging passage of the American Jobs Act as the first step in an economic recovery.
  • David Dayen at FireDogLake noted that American Dream Movement protests are planned throughout the fall and would build up to a November 17 Day of Action.
  • CBS News thinks that the latest wave of protests, including the American Dream Movement, has coalesced into an "American Autumn".


  • Van Jones spoke to Bill Maher about Occupy Wall Street. Here's Part One:
  • And Part Two:


  • Highlights from over 400 jobs protests during the August congressional recess:


  • Roundup of 1600 American Dream house meetings reaching every single congressional district.
  • Van Jones sat down on the Tom Joyner Morning Show for an interview with Roland Martin.
  • Media roundup of default crisis district rallies.
  • Media highlights for Capitol Hilly default crisis rally in Roll Call and on NPR.


  • Rebuild the Dream's launch in New York:
  • Van Jones discusses Rebuild the Dream with Lawrence O'Donnell:
  • Van talks about Rebuild the Dream's launch with Keith Olbermann:

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