ACTION: Let's take the Contract for the American Dream to Congress

Now that the crowdsourced Contract for the American Dream is out, and Congress is out of session and back in their districts, it's time to let them know firsthand that they need to get back on the job of putting Americans back to work. We're asking you to join us all across the country at district events in your town. In three easy steps, you can join your fellow citizens to make sure that your representative hears it from the people: Focus on jobs, not cuts. 1. Click on the following link and sign up for a local event: 2. Print out some paper copies of the Contract for the American Dream. If you can meet with any staffers from your representative, and/or if there are any media present at your event, please make sure they get a copy of the Contract. 3. Print out a sign to show your support. If you get any good pictures from your event, please e-mail us at [email protected]!

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