The Romney Loophole billboard is up in DC

Update: Read this article that Think Progress posted: "Romney Economic Adviser Defends Tax Loophole That Saves Romney Millions." We wish we were joking. Thanks to the support of Rebuild the Dream members our new billboard is up! We've put it on a truck that's traveling around Washington, DC this week urging Congress to "Close the Romney Loophole" that allows millionaires to get away with paying a 13.9% tax rate.

This billboard was paid for by thousands of Rebuild the Dream members all across the country. Take a minute right now to share it on Facebook or post it to Twitter.

Thanks for your support. And check out this email that went out to our DC members earlier today:

Dear friends,

We've put our billboard on a truck and it's hitting the streets of DC this week.

That's right. We have a new mobile billboard driving around Washington this week that urges Congress to "Close the Romney Loophole" that allows millionaires like Mitt Romney to pay only 13.9% in taxes.

If you spot it, take a photo with your camera phone and post it to Facebook or tweet it. (Use the Twitter hashtag #romneyloophole.) Let your friends, family and co-workers know about the Romney Loophole.

This billboard was paid for by thousands of Rebuild the Dream members all across the country.

Thanks for your support. And remember, if you see the mobile billboard, post a photo!

Thanks, Natalie Rebuild the Dream

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