Wahooo! We Did It!

We just saved Americans $22 billion. I'll say it again -- it's still sinking in for me! -- our movement just saved Americans $22 billion. The House and Senate just passed a bill to stop a hike on federal student loan interest rates. Congress just avoided a huge catastrophe. But they didn't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They did it because hundreds of thousands of people stood up and made them do it. WE made them do it. Just look at all the blood, sweat, and phone calls behind this grassroots victory:
  • 330,000 letters and petition signatures
  • 16,000 phone calls
Our Millennial Organizer, 23-year-old Molly Katchpole, deserves a huge high-five on this. From taking on the Sallie Mae shareholder meeting to championing the fight on MSNBC, she has brought energy, passion, and real vision to this win. We saw this fight coming and stood with partners to take it on before it was national news. Together, we MADE it national news. Young people shared their stories with the press. We put Rep. Virginia Foxx in check when she tried to downplay the struggles of students, saying she had "very little tolerance" for people with student debt. President Obama came out strong on the issue, and Mitt Romney quickly followed. In the weeks leading up to the July 1 deadline, our fight was a top national story, and Congress couldn't ignore it. We did this. Now let's show them what else we can do. $22 billion. Dang! :) -Van P.S. -- I know this feels like a moment to sit back and take in the huge victory we just scored. But our fight against student debt and for an economy that works for all is just beginning, and we need to ride this momentum. Make a donation now and let's show everyone that we're only getting started. Savings Explanation: If Congress had failed to act, it would have cost students $22 billion over the next four years. Instead, thanks to your hard work, Congress passed a one-year extension that saves students $6.7 billion this year and leaves the door open to more savings in the future.

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