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    If you REALLY want to get jobs for young Americans you need to put the brakes on the flood of H1B Visas which is nothing more than a form of imported slavery. (paying immigrants below scale wages for high tech jobs) Companies claim they can’t find qualified Americans yet the vast majority of these immigrant workers are, upon arrival, trained by Americans to do their new jobs.
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    If you REALLY want to get jobs for young Americans you need to put the brakes on the flood of H1B Visas which is nothing more than a form of imported slavery. (paying immigrants below scale wages for high tech jobs) Companies claim they can’t find qualified Americans yet the vast majority of these immigrant workers are, upon arrival, trained by Americans to do their new jobs.
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    If you REALLY want to get jobs for young Americans you need to put the brakes on the flood of H1B Visas which is nothing more than a form of imported slavery. (paying immigrants below scale wages for high tech jobs) Companies claim they can’t find qualified Americans yet the vast majority of these immigrant workers are, upon arrival, trained by Americans to do their new jobs.
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    As a concerned citizen and inspired admirer of Mr. Jones’ work, I would like to offer my services as a digital animator and designer in whatever capacity which may suit your needs:

    The dissemination of constructive ideas, education, and hope is of the utmost necessity for rebuilding our country’s social capital and unity. Thank you for providing a platform through which we all may take action that counts.
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    Hello I watch the film 13th I feel the need to do something in my community. I knew something was very wrong but what I discover from the film is that the problems that are facing the communities of color was all systematically put in place for profit. I want to help but I’m not sure what to do can someone tell me how to even begin…
  • commented 2016-11-18 11:26:05 -0800
    I hesitated for a moment before I checked the “I want to volunteer” box because I don’t know which organization to work (volunteer) for or even what to do…I only know I have to do something. November 8th was first a shock…then it was so sad…but now I’m mad. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General REALLY? It feels like the entire country should march on Washington to stop this. And then there is the supreme court, etc., etc. Donating a little here and there and signing a petition just doesn’t seem like it’s enough anymore!

    Whenever I see Van Jones on TV (Bill Maher, MSNBC, etc) I am always impressed. I know that might sound shallow but he is obviously a person who takes action and that’s what I need to do…take action. If you could point me in a direction that might help stop all (any) of this I would be extremely grateful…PLEASE.
  • commented 2016-11-16 19:46:04 -0800
    We are very interested in your work on student debt and would love the chance to talk about how it might align with our ongoing work around wealth inequality, alternatives to student borrowing, and the unavoidable fact that our financial aid system is helping to erode higher education as a catalyst of meaningful opportunity for millions of American students. These trends—and, most importantly, the people they represent—are not new, but our political system and policy discussions are sorely in need of bolder proposals to ‘rebuild the dream’. We have solid analysis of the relationship between initial starting position and return on degree and evidence from the field of children’s asset building, of how such efforts can make a difference, but we’re always looking for new connections and new avenues for forward progress.
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  • commented 2016-11-15 06:30:17 -0800
    Can “Rebuild The Dream” work on creating a community or gathering space online for all the “Sanctuary Cities” in the USA? A sanctuary city embodies giving spirit, empathy, and progress. If there was a way for all the cities and counties in the US to start bonding together with this designation the movement could gather more momentum.
  • commented 2016-11-15 03:48:20 -0800

    You were the most compelling panelist during CNN’s coverage of the presidential campaign. I always thrived on your incisive, intelligent & articulate anaylsis. Thank you for keeping the standards of TV journalism high.
  • commented 2016-11-10 11:42:37 -0800

    As I watched the stunned reactions to the election results, and then heard you say ‘whitelash’, something clicked in my mind…

    “We” were surprised by the election results because we were living in denial of the truth of this country. For 8 wonderful years, we had a President who was intelligent, well-spoken, thoughtful and thought-filled — we watched as progressive actions took place and we believed that ‘things’ were getting ‘better’. We found hope in this black man who offered change — in so many directions.

    But…for these 8 years where equality blossomed and diversity struggled to become the new public normal, a huge contingency of white people seethed. They didn’t like the new diversity. They felt their long-held beliefs were under siege. They never accepted this black man who was President. They became more and more angry. Their fear became overwhelming and surfaced as violent actions and words. When Trump emerged, with his deeply white values and cemented views, this coalition of angry white people were triumphant! Their savior had arrived! They felt they had been rewarded for all their suffering at the hands of the ‘others’ – from people of colour to people who embraced an alternative life style to immigrants, who were just more non-white people.

    When Obama was elected, another large segment of our population felt their savior had finally arrived. In our bliss, we denied the existence of the smoldering resentment in those who embraced the highly conservative beliefs. We knew they were there, in their actions of nearly treasonous obstructionism and their frantic attempts to keep the foundations of their ‘kingdom’ in place.

    We denied their existence so completely though, on a certain level, that when the election came, we also denied all we knew about how the Republicans operate. We were abashed at the ugliness that seemed to be acceptable. We dangerously forgot that the ugliness had never been vanquished — it had simply gone underground, bubbling and boiling, simmering in bitterness. The achievement of electing a black man president was only a slight respite.

    When we had the audacity to bring out a woman as the next president, the anger of this white voting bloc rose to impossible-to-contain levels. Trump’s statement that he could shoot someone and not be held accountable was a definition of how intense the white hatred had become. They didn’t care who suffered, who was maimed, who was defamed — as long as they could be free of the black man and the ‘nasty woman’ and could restore ‘their’ nation.

    The depth of the racism that exists in this voting bloc cannot be underestimated. These people felt that ‘their’ country was stolen from them by non-whites, who installed one of ‘their people’, and after that, stomped on all they held dear. It didn’t matter that what they hold dear is a stupefying need to keep things as they are, accept no other people or beliefs, nor have respect for any other lifestyle than their own. They just knew that they had been forced into living with things they hated — people they hated.

    So — it shouldn’t have been a surprise…their uprising… We just didn’t want to see it. We didn’t want them to still exist. We didn’t want to go back to the suffocating stigmas that they must have to survive. We didn’t want to give up the hope we had regained. We simply didn’t want to believe that, in 8 years, the rottenness, hatred, and contempt for equality was still so alive.

    Several months ago, I worried that people had forgotten Nixon and Reagan and Bush Sr/Jr’s illegal actions and lies. How could people be following Trump – who lied constantly, had done illegal acts, and defied all traditions in self-servitude? Now I see, the white bloc hadn’t forgotten at all — these proven crooks and liars were what they wanted! These were the types of leaders they felt comfortable with and now were going to support, even is it meant (as with all those previously listed) destroying and bankrupting the country.

    As a 67-year-old white woman, who relished these past 8 years, my only real comfort is that—soon enough—all these old white farts…male and female…will croak out, and their antiquated, self-serving, inflexible, and unenlightened will die with them. Until then, it’s back to grass roots and stamping out the mind-set that says it’s okay to be a 60-year-old white guy and barge into a dressing room full of 18-20-year-old girls, with the hope of seeing them naked. [grabs barf bag]
  • commented 2016-11-09 18:11:34 -0800

    Your insight on CNN throughout the election has been academic, logical, and awesome. I am a teacher in New Jersey and I am county committee person. Today was a hard day as a teacher in a district that has a large Hispanic population. Students were worried their parents were going to be deported. Many were crying. I tried to calm fears explain people, especially politicians including newbies, can express points of view they don’t necessarily believe or will be able to enforce. Throughout the campaign you have been a role model for our country. I honestly respect you. If you ever need anything or help in NJ, I have your back.

    One last point: whether trump is racist or not, he really blasted a hose and sunshine on a deep seeded racism in white Americans over 45 that many may have never had know existed in themselves or forgot about. Many Relatives and “friends” who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, changed parties and voted trump this election. One actually told me that racism doesn’t exist and maybe as a society we should be segregated and said blacks allowed for themselves to be segregated. It was actually sad and I don’t know how you overcome such hatred which may turn even worse with this new administration. It cannot become the norm. Thanks for being awesome.
  • commented 2016-11-09 12:54:16 -0800

    I am dejected and terribly disappointed over the election. Even more, I am very fearful that the continuing racial and class divides in the country, as well as the political dysfunction will not bode well for our future. Not to mention the confluence of money and political influence. These concerns would be operative regardless of who won the election. But Trump gives license to the most extreme racist voices in this country. He is a disaster. Having said that, as a life-long activist and academic, I was deeply moved by your CNN clip on what to tell your children about the whitelash. It is sobering and saddening. While my FB friends are all citing the line, “Don’t mourn, organize,” and I am somewhat eased by Hannah Arendt’s notion of the acts of “Men in Dark Times,” I truly hope serious and successful leadership will emerge on the left who can help galvanize and actualize a vision of justice, equality, harmony and so on. I follow you religiously on CNN and value your insight, intellect, fairness, open-mindedness, values and passion. In the words of a venerable Hebrew blessing, may you go from strength to strength.
  • commented 2016-11-09 08:31:48 -0800
    Thank you Van Jones for your intelligent, poised and thoughtful comments and leadership throughout this nightmare of an election and worse outcome. I share 100% your thoughts and concerns expressed last night. Clearly the disconnects and divide in our country are so much worse than most understood, most certainly myself included. I personally and many that I care about cannot stand still; voting and financial contributions to charities are not enough. We need to build a human bridge across our country local and national. I see your leadership and organizations and part of that. Please let me know how we can help.
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  • commented 2016-11-09 00:47:07 -0800
    Thank you Van Jones for staying clam and collected tonight on TV. I have a ton a respect for you and a journalist and a man. I watched your CNN post election coverage talking about how white lash is truly going to affect the minorities of the United States. That speech made me realize how much this election is truly going to effect the discriminated people of the United States. I voted for Donald Trump today but hearing you speak on how people are truthfully scared that he has become president makes me re think why I actually voted for President Trump. I now realize I did it because he benefits me as a individual and not our country as a whole. But then after hearing President trumps post election speech he gave me hope that President trump can really be the president to unite the country. Bringing together the People of the U.S. Is the most important thing. The reason why I message you is because I believe you need to stay positive and need to continue to be a role model for the Democratic Party and the discriminated so that the country can become United and become stronger. I believe that you have the power and influence to benefit the people that was discriminated by President Trump. As you said we will be fine as long as the people unite the people of the United States will survive.

    Again thank you so much for speaking tonight. I look up to u as a man and would like to call you to become the voice of the discriminated in the United States and lead them to giving President Trump a chance.

    Happy Election Day

    Please Some one let Mr. Jones see this it would mean a lot to me.
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  • commented 2016-07-20 20:29:49 -0700

    I would like the address for me to send a book that I wrote about racism, sexism. I would like to think it would get in to Van Jones hands.
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  • commented 2016-06-02 10:36:10 -0700
    I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself because I thought you might be interested in learning more about what I’m working on. I recently launched the Association of Young Americans, a lobbying organization for Millennials—think of us as the AARP for Millennials, but with a new spin. Imagine if a lobbyist live streamed her conversation with a congresswoman, and all her constituents could interact with them both in real time.

    At its core, the AYA is a membership organization embracing lobbying as an opportunity to insert the voices of 80 million Millennials into the political system. AYA recognizes that the political agenda is often decided after election day and is working to reassert Millennials’ influence into every day political decision making. We are focused on issues that young people care about—starting with the student debt crisis and soaring cost of higher education.

    I think there is a lot of overlap in our focus areas and would love the opportunity to talk more about opportunities to work together.


  • commented 2016-05-07 17:44:29 -0700

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  • commented 2016-04-26 09:30:41 -0700
    I’m not sure how closely you follow healthcare, but this is a story about how venal and nakedly racist the industry has become. Even Medicare would rather keep their jobs than keep Americans alive.

    As you probably know, around 100,000 Americans die on dialysis annually. People of color go on dialysis 3 to 5 times more than whites, so racial inequality is built in.

    What’s not known is that there’s been a simple way to prevent hypertensive and diabetic kidney failure since 1994 (1). It involves using a particular ACE inhibitor at a higher than usual dose. The ACE inhibitor is generic and available in most pharmacies on earth. The treatment is safe. So 90% of dialysis could be easily prevented.

    Now for the shock—at least it was to me: absolutely nobody in healthcare, including Medicare, Single Payer for dialysis since 1972, has wanted to prevent dialysis (2). Dialysis pays too many healthcare workers’ salaries.

    In other words, healthcare has been totally complicit in the premature and unnecessary deaths of 1 million Americans, half of them people of color. Healthcare may have been interested in public health in the 1950s, when the polio vaccine came out. But sometime in the past 60 years, it lost its way. Healthcare is greedy, not altruistic.

    Will you help publicize this outrageous situation? The public’s continued ignorance is, literally, lethal.

    Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do.

    Best regards,




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  • commented 2016-04-21 13:17:08 -0700
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