RNC 2016

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Can't get enough punditry? Check out Van bringing it to CNN:

Get Van's take on the latest issues around race & racial justice:

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2016 election talk

Van Jones joined thousands of DFA members for a "DFA Live" call moderated by Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America's Executive Director. 

Listen in as Van Jones discussed the 2016 election and took live questions. 

A heartbreaking week

Van spent hours on air last week -- reacting to tragedy after tragedy live. His words speak for themselves:

"We need to reach down and find some empathy. If you cried for the brother who bled out next to his fiancé but you didn't cry this morning for those police officers, it is time to do a heart check. If you cried for those police officers but have a hard time taking seriously all these videos coming out with these African-Americans dying, it is time to do a heart check. Because a country -- we are either going to come together or come apart now. There is enough pain on both sides there should be some empathy starting to kick in."

For the full playlist of discussions from last week, click below.

Also, In an exclusive video for Mic, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Common, Chris Rock, Taraji P. Henson, Van Jones and others describe the mundane actions that cost black Americans their lives. Watch below:

Van Jones tears into Jeffrey Lord -- again

Oh wow.

On national TV (and in the year 2016) this conversation happened. Watch Van meticulously take apart the racist troll logic behind the Trump campaign. 

Justice Reform Now

The U.S. is now the NUMBER ONE incarcerator of human beings in the world. 

Van takes on prisons -- and how they hurt our communities -- in this new video by AJ+.

Van points out the difference between people on the outside and people on the inside: "You didn't get caught. They got caught. And they can never get uncaught"


Last month, Van Jones did his first Facebook live post. He called it Trumpzilla and it went viral:

MoveOn helped out and turned these ideas into a very shareable post:

Stay tuned for what's next!

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Green For All

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America for Sale?


America is supposed to be about liberty and justice for ALL -- not just those who can afford it!

Instead, big money has been buying off our democracy bit by bit for years. Wall Street pumped more than $200 million into the 2012 elections. Candidates spend up to 70 percent of their time “dialing for dollars.” No wonder our leaders lose touch with everyday people!

It’s nothing more than legalized bribery. The worst of the 1% rig the game so they come out as winners, and the rest of us can’t help but lose. It’s the reason no bankers have gone to jail, students are drowning in debt, a day’s work barely pays the bill and Washington is talking about making climate change even worse by approving the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline.

We need a government that’s of, by, and for the people - not bought and paid for by special interests!